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We had finished a project of rehabilitation and decoration of a banquet room facade in Almeria, entirely covered.
Initially, the facility included traditionally cemented facades. The objective of this rehabilitation was to present a building with an innovating and avant-garde concept, that would attract the attention of the public driving on the highway, and also to change the premises into an emblematic site in this area.
We provided various initials concepts, selected according to our client interests for the most appropriate design, and we performed the work entirely.
This involves the civil engineering, structured with engineering drawings, and cladding's with the application of various materials and techniques.
The final result has been very satisfactory, thus managing to reflect the renewing concerns from the facility owners, while integrating, and at the same time, by visually differentiating entrance doors to different rooms, and by converting windows into works of art that can be enjoyed from both inside and outside.
The nighttime artificial lighting, and the solar effects during the daytime produce different spectacular, organic, and surrealistic perspectives of the building.

Abrassame – restaurant, located in the famous “Arenas” bullring, in Barcelona (Spain)

CASA DECOR in Madrid (Most decorated gateway in Spain and Europe)

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