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MD Mosaic Technical Features

MD Mosaic :

Composition: resin
Density: variable according to whether crystallization of resin is smooth or rigid
Elasticity : variable

Physical Characteristics

Thickness : 2/3mm
Weight : 1,200 gr per square meter
Depth and conformity : lenticular perimeter
May be applied : anywhere
Certification : flammability Test performed by Ford. Reference Ford method is FMVSS 302
in accordance with ISO 3795 norms; Declaration of Conformity CE;


PLUS compared to other covering solutions

Lightness : may be applied to plasterboard false ceilings
Application: easiness of extreme application
Personalization: extreme, any image or graphic design may be reproduced without limits of dimension, color and shape. The mosaic tiles may be of different shape or dimension, regular and irregular and in-layers may be created. It is applied as a traditional mosaic by means of adhesive joints with extreme variability with respect to distances, joints as well as indoor or outdoor supporting walls.
Characteristics for outdoor use: waterproof, not subjected to deterioration as a result of weather
conditions. Ultra light rays do not damage its chromatism.
Designation and support: anywhere due to its extreme lightness and ease of application, suitable for
covering any kind of surface.

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