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MD Mosaic


The MD mosaic revolutionized the world of decoration and furnishing.
A new product is ideal for setting up hotel lobbies, swimming pools, reception and bathrooms. We can create photographic and pictorial subjects of any shape and size. The MD mosaic is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, as the ultraviolet rays do not damage the coloring of the surface. The distance of the tiles is modifiable as well as their shape.

Customer Design

Digital mosaic surprisingly, strikes, charms for the infinite myriad of colors and representations. It’s art for the welfare of the soul!
Creativity frees the imagination of architects and designers aesthetic possibilities for combining elements of convenience and ease of application.


Revolutionary solution that allows you to turn digital images into beautiful mosaics in the resin.

There are no limits to the genius of an architect with MD mosaic – endless creative solutions which are chromatic, formal and with a content that adapts with extreme simplicity to any flight of fancy starting from a personal image to the realization of a project.
The product is a result of a technological procedure which decomposes the initial digital image, is printed onto small resin tiles of a minimum dimension of 2x2cm and made to recreate a giant puzzle.
Each tile, with its corresponding portion of image is then numbered so that tile fitters may fix them in the correct position in a simple and fast manner.
The resin layer perfectly adapts to any wall texture, whether at an angle or curve – matter on which traditional mosaic could not be laid.
The technique may be applied on endless creative possibilities depending upon the consistence and crystallization which is flexible or more rigid depending upon the resin selected.
The planning stage, creativity and spaces therefore become personal not only thanks to the ability to reproduce the image itself but also by selecting and adapting your own taste to any available support, shape, distances as well as the content of the digital mosaic tiles which may be enriched with Swarovski elements or gold, coffee beans, decorative stones, minerals, etc.
The mosaic therefore arises from an explosion of creativity and planned imagination.
Any digital image (photo, logos, etc.) provided by the customer can be reproduced with this technique into mosaics which decorate walls or floors of houses and villas but also parks, railway stations, undergrounds and public buildings, etc.

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