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A mosaic can bring any desired effect you wish. Glass tiles can increase the light, adding a luminous radiance to any surface, be it wall or floor. Darker colors or different materials absorb light and can be used to create a subdued ambiance. All tiles bring a texture to any surface that cannot be duplicated by any other surface covering.

Mosaics allow us to customize your design or pictures, to suit your space, and to be entirely unique. Different size , different colors and different colors of grout will make your art mosaic standout and create the effect that says, WOW.

Glass mosaic are resistant to stains, mold, mildew and chemical damage. They are not porous which means that they are a hygienic surface for your kitchen or bathroom.

All of our mosaic are especially easy to clean.

Because of the non-porous nature of our mosaic, they are not affected by humidity,

Mosaic are also very durable, lasting years. As seen in the palaces and cathedrals of Europe, these materials are time tested.

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