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DG Mosaic a new product with new possibilities. This is High Definition print on glass mosaic will help you to differentiate your creations by providing original proposals with a high visual impact, using unchanged wide format pictures.

Our wide format images provide decorative architecture that will help differentiate creations by providing original proposals with high-visual impact, using unchanged wide format pictures, create space with its own personality in both interior design and landscaping.

Thanks to its high-definition and durability, this new product is perfect to personalize swimming pools, spa, to dress façades, high traffic areas and zones with permanent contact with water.
You will be able to create captivating architectural designs, making a great first impression for your projects.

XXL images printed on the glass mosaic.
You can decorate swimming pools, walls, ceilings or floors for both indoor and outdoor projects:

- Facades of stadiums or others
- Fences
- Swimming pools and aquatic areas
- Major transit areas: road tunnels, hotels, corridors, hospitals, museums, stations (metro, bus, train), airports, public parks, etc.

- Restaurants, pubs, clubs,
- Franchises,
- Halls of hotel, offices, etc..
- Bathrooms, etc...

Permanent contact with water,
Abrasion and wear,
Shocks and temperature changes,
UV resistant,
The colors remain unchanged.

The images are 100% integrated in the glass mosaic. This allows to make creations with high visual-impacts and high-resistances.



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